A Reuben From Scratch | Recipe Round-Up

I made a reuben from scratch over the weekend (and it was so delicious!). Well, I wrote about it for the folks over at Paste Food and I wanted to share the recipes I used as well as some tips. Read the piece here. Let's go layer by layer, shall we?

What a beaut
What a beaut


This was my first time making bread so I wanted to go all out. I used this recipe and this recipe to make the bread and this video was great at teaching you how to make the iconic swirl. It was fairly easy. I made it all with my kitchen aid mixer, starting with the paddle attachment and once the ingredients are combined, switching to the hook attachment for kneading. Pro tip: Feel the dough as you go along and make sure it's not dry. Add water, about one teaspoon at a time, and continue kneading until the water is incorporated. It should be sticky, like the back of a post-it. The dark rye dough, with the cocoa, will have a drier consistency so you'll have to add a bit more water than the white rye.


Ah, my favorite part! We brined the meat for about 4 days in a large ziploc bag. We utilized a mix of this recipe and this recipe. We did about 4 pounds of beef brisket. Make sure to place the ziploc bag on a baking sheet to avoid any messes in your refrigerator. We liked adding veggies to the brine and then during the boiling part for the meat to retain and develop more flavor. Once the corned beef is ready, take it out of the water and let it rest on a cutting board. It tastes so much better once it has cool down a bit.


The Kitchn is my go-to for all things cooking. Their writing is so approachable! I did a small batch of sauerkraut in a mason jar for a quicker turnaround. It's beginner level, for sure. I didn't have rocks, so I just filled up a small ziploc bag with rice and shoved it in the smaller jar for weight. Also, place a cabbage leaf between the to-be sauerkraut and the jar so it's easier to push it down. Here's the recipe. If you're feeling ambitious, here's a larger batch recipe. Just remember, the secret is massaging the cabbage like your life depends on it!


Sorry guys, the cheese was store-bought. Apparently, swiss cheese is very labor intensive. I'm trying my hand at this recipe soon though.


I used this easy recipe from the Food Network. I did almost two cloves though (I LOVE garlic!) and relish from my canned goods. My relish already had a few habanero pieces in it so it added a bit of heat to the dressing. I love this recipe.

Happy eating! 

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