Next up! Iceland + Amsterdam

We booked tickets to Iceland and Amsterdam for August!! (Well, we did back in February but you know, LIFE). We are going to spend about 3 days in Amsterdam and then about a week in Iceland, driving around and obsessing about way too many waterfalls. Iceland Air offers a free Europe stopover so we took advantage of that. I can't wait to walk the canals, see the Anne Frank House and the cafes! Image via Wikipedia

This time around we are using a mix of Airbnb + Kuku Campers for lodging. We will be using Kuku Campers to road trip along the southern coast of Iceland! See glaciers, waterfalls and the beautiful landscape. My heart is swelling up just thinking about it. Aren't these the coolest campers? I'm hoping for Chuck Norris or Dolly Parton!

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And while I'm still trying to figure out activities and such, I know we're going to be hanging out at the beautiful Blue Lagoon for a very long time! It looks so relaxing.

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Make sure to follow my board for this trip via Pinterest! Do you have any tips for either destination? I would love to hear them!