Just Go.

Wanderlust has been taking over my brain as of late. I have dreams of taking a month off to travel Southeast Asia or traveling through Spain, Portugal and Morocco soon or even something closer to home, like a road trip from California to Vancouver. Depending on a few things, we might have to take a break from traveling next year — or at least taking a big trip abroad. But can a girl dream anyways?

Inspired by this tweet from Christine from C'est Christine (she's pretty awesome-- you should follow her adventures), these are the places I hope to go to this year.

  1. Hawaii -- We just came back from Oahu in February
  2. New York in May [Booked!]
  3. Amsterdam + Iceland in August [Booked!]
  4. A weekend in Seattle
  5. Dominican Republic + Cuba in December

Where are you going this year? Any plans?