Next up! Hawaii

hawaiiWe are going to Hawaii! More specifically, Oahu.

As usual, I was scrolling through different airfares during my lunch hour when I spotted an airfare I just couldn't ignore. $400 round-trip from Atlanta to Honolulu? That's a HUGE bargain. The flights from Atlanta are usually in the upper $700-$1,200.

Thanks to United Airlines' awesome option to lock your fare for a small fee for either 72 hours or 7 days, I was able to lock two tickets at that price for 7 days for only $20 to discuss with Alex later. We had to go over certain things since we are leaving in just 25 days to Japan. Can we afford the ticket? What about lodging? The trip is in February so we would have a bit of time to plan it out. We slept on it and last night, after thinking about it for a couple of days, we decided we could do it with a bit of money planning. Because if not now, when? Seattle, our original February trip, can wait a bit longer.

So we are going! We already booked an awesome condo for a great price via VRBO. It took us a bit of searching since most places were booked (crazy!) but we found one and it's near everything. If you haven't checked this site out, it's pretty awesome and a great, usually cheaper, alternative to hotels. You can rent condos, cottages or houses through their vacation rental listings. It's safe and there are reviews you can check out. They have places around the world! It's similar to Airbnb, except without the fee.

I will post more about the activities we have planned in Oahu and where we are planning to go. We are only there for 5 days so we have to prioritize what we want to do and make an actual itinerary.

With only a bit of planning, you can make these trips happen. Always have price alerts out for your area, you never know when your dream vacation will go on sale. Use KayakSkyscanner or sign up for airfarewatchdog e-mail newsletter.

We are beyond excited. Ready for mai-tais by the beach.